CineHub for NVIDIA Shield – Download Cine Hub Apk on NVIDIA Shield

Download Cinehub on NVIDIA Shield. We are going to discuss installation procedure of Cinehub on NVIDIA Shield.

The enjoyment of watching online content is something that can not be described. As the era of people are quite changing and people actually are appreciating movies and online or offline creative content more than ever. In these times we have to have purchased some plans for online streaming networks but not everyone can afford to pay these amounts.

That’s where Cinehub comes in the scene, where the application is not charging any buck and providing new and trending movies and tv-shows for their fans and users all around the world. Although, they might give some ads in the middle of the movies, which is bearable. This article will guide you to the righteous path to install Cinehub on Nvidia Shield, so you can easily enjoy your ideal content on the big screen.

Install Cinehub on NVIDIA Shield

How to Install Cinehub on NVIDIA Shield (Google Drive Method)

Now, you would need to have a smartphone, or PC to do this method perfectly with the internet-connected to it. Check that you have all the things before you carry forward with these below easy methods.

  1. First, start this step by taking your smartphone, or PC and open any browser.
  2. Then fill the empty URL bar with this link, and hit enter.
  3. A webpage would open, then click on the Cinehub Apk Download button.
  4. This would automatically download Cinehub Apk on your device or system if you are using a PC.
  5. Open the app of google drive on your smartphone, you can do this step with the google drive website if you are doing this on a PC.
  6. Upload this downloaded Cinehub App on google drive.
  7. Now, come to your Smart TV connected with Nvidia Shield and open the google drive application in that system.
  8. Download the uploaded apk of Cinehub Apk in your Nvidia Shield.
  9. Wait for the download to complete.
  10. Once the download completes, go to the download folder or where you pasted that apk and select to install that.
  11. After successful installation, you would find that apk of Cinehub Apk on the apps list after it installs successfully.

How to Install Cinehub on NVIDIA Shield (Browser Method)

  1. Your first step is to start your TV, connect Nvidia Shield to it.
  2. You would need a fast internet connection to stream and download your favorite content.
  3. Open the play store in the Nvidia Shield and install any browser you prefer (Chrome/ Firefox). You can also use an in-built browser if your Nvidia Shield has one.
  4. Open the browser that you have installed and paste this URL in the empty URL bar Hit the search button.
  5. It would automatically open a webpage with the download button of the Cinehub Apk.
  6. After it downloads, opens your downloads folder from the file system, finds the name of the Cinehub apk.
  7. Select that apk file of the Cinehub app, and install it like a normal apk.
  8. Then go to the apps section, and find the Cinehub app. Open it.
  9. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the Cinehub application in your Nvidia Shield.

Follow the above steps one after the other, and we are pretty sure that you wouldn’t have a problem regarding the installation of Cinehub on Nvidia Shield. If you have any kind of queries or questions, do tell us in the comment section below.

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